Life Is Just One Big Circle…

Life… Am I right?

It picks you up, it breaks you down, it throws you all around. (Mostly the last part as of late, huh?)

The more I’ve read, the more I’ve looked into the inner reaches of my own life, the more I’ve come to realize that life is just a big ol’ circle.

No matter what, you keep on circling back around to the same habits and lifestyle choices you had before, until you take conscious action to actually change this vicious cycle…

And boy, is it hard to break out of that vicious cycle sometimes!

It’s almost like you’re playing “The Cyclone” at Chuck E’ Cheese and trying to hit the jackpot…

A lot of times you make your way around the entire circle, you slap down on the button and you slip one or two spots past the jackpot.

This is a lot like life when you miss an opportunity, or even worse, spoil a good one…

At the end of the day, you need to trek back around the circle while figuring out where you went wrong.

Each one of these dots on the game could symbolize one of your good or bad habits, a piece of your personality, an addiction, something you always keep coming back to in your life over and over and OVER!

Fact of the matter is, you’ve made a string of choices over your life who have made you into the person you are today, and you keep going back to these choices over and over again because they act as your sense of security. We don’t like change instinctively so we like to stick with what we know, good or bad.

The only way to break out of this vicious cycle is to get to know each and every one of these dots on the game of life. More specifically, you need to get to know yourself. And I mean REALLY get to know yourself, and figure out why you turned out to be the little shit that you are today.


Once you become aware of your short-comings, they become a lot easier to deal with. But most people aren’t willing to isolate themselves from distraction long enough to take a serious inventory of themselves.

I guess the God’s honest truth is most people don’t want to take this sort of inventory because they’re scared of what they may find.

I spent years in isolation. I thrive in isolation. I was most likely a hermit in a past lifetime…

But there’s no doubt that I’ve found out a lot about myself that I’m unhappy with.

I would have had a computer on that desk, but that’s me!

However, now that I’ve come to the realization that I can change these things about me that I don’t like or that don’t benefit me now that I consciously know about them… The feeling is great and it’s freeing. 

Also, once you’re self-aware of these things that drive you round and round in your own vicious circle…

When they come back around, you can turn into it, maybe smack that bad habit’s momma around a little bit, and get rid of it completely.

But if you don’t know why you do what you do, or what you’re doing even…

Then you’re just going to keep circling around and around past all these things you could change or deal with as they come up.

Some things you just can’t change.

Maybe you have an addictive personality, you’re never going to change that, I know that personally.

But you can do things to deal with it, or satiate the addiction with positive things like getting addicted to working out.

Either way, my main point  here is that you won’t know what you need to deal with until you sit yourself down and take a serious inventory of yourself.


I say you a lot in this post, but as you’ll see over time, as I try to pass off some wisdom to you, I’m also talking to myself. I’m trying to pound this shit into my head too, and this is the best way I know how to do it.

I haven’t seriously blogged in a long time, but I do enjoy writing, so I am going to try my best to start writing blog posts on a consistent basis.

A lot of times it will be articles like this. I may be your Internet Marketing Consultant, but I have so much more to talk about than this crap. I can talk shop all day, but what I really enjoy is talking about life.

If writing about my successes and my mistakes (mostly my mistakes) can help just one other person not make the same mistake, that would be huge to me.

So I know this has been a little all over the place, but it will serve as a place of fresh beginnings for me. I’m going to tell you about my life over time, while also dishing out plenty of digital marketing knowledge to feed even the hungriest of entrepreneurs.


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