Grant Cardone Is A Marketing Savage…

  • John Kane

    May 27, 2019

Or is he a marketing savant? In my opinion, he’s both, and I think after you read this blog post you will feel the same way.

The reason I’m sitting down to write this is because I was just absolutely blown away by one of his YouTube ads…

The strategy was just insane, and I had never seen anyone do this before. It made me think, “Damn it, I wish I thought of that first!”

And the truth is, Uncle G probably isn’t the first to try this, but my God was this video advertising strategy effective, yet so, so simple…

He took the first five seconds of Tai Lopez’s “Here In My Garage” YouTube ad…

And made it the first five seconds of his YouTube ad!

You may be thinking that’s a dumb strategy, but if you understand video marketing, then you would understand why this strategy could potentially be highly effective…

The first 3-5 seconds of any video advertisement is the most important part…

If you don’t engage the viewer in those first 3-5 seconds, then you’ve lost them… Possibly forever, especially if you don’t have a solid retargeting strategy in place.

And the reason this strategy could work in so many different industries is because all you need to do is find a highly-engaging video in your niche, and use the first five seconds of it to hook the viewer into your ad.

See, Tai Lopez’s “Here In My Garage” video got over a billion views. And most of these views were paid for…

When someone pays good money day after day to promote a video, you can bet your bottom dollar that video is working very well for them.

So why not skip the testing of your new video ad, and guarantee immediate video engagement by using other people’s content?

Obviously you need to make sure the content isn’t copyrighted or you get permission from the publisher…

But either way, it’s worth keeping this strategy in your back pocket in case the situation to use it ever arises.

I figured this strategy would be worth sharing and I wanted to make sure I kept it in my arsenal as well.

Let me know in the comments: Have you ever seen any other advertisers using this strategy?

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