Hi, I’m John Kane

I have been a pure-bred Internet Marketer since I was 12 years old, and I have an undying passion for helping businesses realize their full potential through Internet Marketing.

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My Success Formula


A deep dive into your company’s online presence to discover opportunities for growth.


Comprehensive planning of marketing and advertising plan with budget suggestions.


Full-scale execution of set plan, and ongoing management of team members.

Highway to Happiness

My Services

Online Presence Audit

A comprehensive audit of your online presence that shows you the highest priority issues for optimizing your online presence.

Digital Advertising Audit

Want to know for sure what’s working and what’s not? Allow me to audit your digital advertising campaigns and suggest adjustments for maximum ROAS.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Chat Bots – No matter the strategy, we will come up with a plan that fits your business’ goals.

Digital Advertising Strategy & Planning

Deep competitive research to uncover unique advertising angles, and strategic planning of a digital advertising campaign that clearly communicates your company’s value proposition.

Digital Advertising Management

Once your digital advertising campaigns are up and running, keep me on board to make sure you’re getting the most out of every single dollar you allocate to your advertising budget.

Full-Stack Marketing Management

Allow me to manage or even build your entire marketing department and make sure they are all properly trained and equipped to execute the strategy we’ve laid out.

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From My Blog

The Facebook Noobarithm – The Reasons Why You’ll Lose Your Sanity With A Brand New Facebook Ad Account…

I have been working on a new client’s Facebook Ads recently, and we are using a brand new Facebook Ads account since this is a brand new business… And it’s been an absolute roller coaster. I mean I wake up and see phenomenal results, and then by the end of the day… The Cost Per […]

  • Testimonial

    I have never had a better experience with a freelancer than I did with John Kane… He is the best communicator I have ever worked with… John makes your business his own and anticipates your needs and confusions… I can finally RELAX a little bit knowing that I have someone in my corner who cares about my success.

    Dr. Steve Fouts

  • Testimonial

    John is fantastic, he’s professional, thorough, patient, and he’s a great communicator. Working with John has turned my internet marketing from lame and uninspired to professional and competent. It’s clear he has a passion for online marketing and helping small businesses succeed in that arena.

    Harrison Mandell

  • Testimonial

    Not only is John especially nice… but he is also extremely competent and understands his craft. He seems to have accumulated considerable knowledge of Facebook… and is well versed in conveying this knowledge to people who themselves have much less idea of the subject matter.

    Rob Miller

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